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From: Suzy Suburbanite
Subject: CeCe the Fun Slut, part-II (Bisexual/Adult-Friends)CeCe the Fun Slut - Part IIBy: Suzy SuburbaniteNotes & Disclaimers:This story is set in a land far, far away where unsafe sex has no
consequences; a land where HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and other STDs don’t
exist. PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! It is fiction…it is FANTASY!This story is a work of FICTION! None of the characters or events herein
is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the
entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex.
If you are not an adult, or if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets
you, do not read any further! By reading further, you certify that you
have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you
are an adult of legal majority in your jurisdiction.Feedback is appreciated to: suzy999999yahoo.comThanks to all who wrote regarding my previous stories! Cheers!Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but things are touch hectic these
Part IIChapter 3Over the next few weeks, Joe and I used our bookstore encounter to expand
our ever-increasing fantasy life. We both agreed that what we did was
fun, but that we should probably stick to our fantasies. (Except of course
if I wanted to do it with a woman, which Joey was all for.)About two weeks after our preteen lolita bbs sites adventure, I returned Vicki’s confidence and
told her about what Joe and I had done. She was visibly aroused by my
story and questioned me endlessly about the details of our encounter.
Vicki said that she had never done anything like that with Tim (her
husband), that they just lolita nude free videos went and watched a movie, went home afterwards,
and fucked.She also gave me more details of her encounter at the bookstore. Telling
me that she was given a stack of tokens for the “Movies” area by the clerk
and told she might enjoy herself. Of how she answered a knock on the door
of the little cubicle the movie clips were played in, only to be greeted
by a twelve-inch black lolita pedo russian pics dick. Of how she sucked and fucked two huge black
dicks that day.”You slut!” I was lolita video clips wmv laughing at my friend.”I know,” she giggled back, obviously relieved lolita boy top list that I found her tale
exciting, “I feel positively scandalous.”By the end lolita pedo russian pics of our ‘Girl Talk’ I was ready to go back right then, but
instead decided to get Joe to take us back so he could watch his pretty
young wife getting fucked by one of those big dicks.
Chapter 4″Have you ever done group sex?” I asked my best friend Caroline.”Huh?” she almost choked.”Well?”"CeCe!!”"Well?”"No, of course not,” she said, glancing down at her feet.”You Liar! You have to. I can tell by the way you’re acting,” top lolitas bbs kds I said to
my apparently kinky, but sexually shy, best friend.”Ok. Yes once, but it made me really uncomfortable.”I pressed Caroline for all the details, and learned that her boyfriend,
just before she met her husband, talked her into a threesome. She
explained, “All he wanted was to screw this girl he had met, but she
wouldn’t screw him because she knew he had a girlfriend.”"He treated me horribly during the whole thing. As if I were just an
object and this other girl, Kim, was all he was interested in. It was
just totally bad judgment on my part. The really strange part was Kim,
the other woman, called me a couple times and asked if we could get
together alone. She said she thought I was really cute and wasn’t much
interested in my boyfriend, but she was interested in me.”"Well? Did you?”"CeCe?” she started, “I’m not a lesbian.”"Oh,” I said, having my fun-balloon of sexual whimsy deflated by my
friend’s story about the bad-side of fantasy fulfillment. I let my mind
wander–and wonder–if Joey would ever treat me like that. Would my dear
man be an ass if we did his fantasy? I just couldn’t imagine it free lolita girl galleries that way.”Hey, CeCe? What are you thinking about?”"Sorry, just wondering…”"Is Joey trying to get you into a threesome or something?”"Sort-of. fkk lolita 12 yo Well, not really,” I stammered, “we just have an active fantasy
life, and…well…a few weeks ago Joe and me had an encounter that I
really enjoyed.”"Did you do it with a woman?” Caroline exclaimed in a very excited tone.”No, no.” I stuttered, and then recounted our brief foray into kinky sex
for my closest friend.”Oh my god! Now who’s lying?” my friend Caroline said in an accusatory
tone.”No, really. And, it was so hot and horny.”"DJ would little lolita girls boys
freak out if a guy ever touched him. We’re just very, very
conventional with sex. He kisses me for a couple minutes, squeezes my
boobs once or twice, crawls on, does his business, rolls over and falls
asleep.”"Don’t you guys ever talk about dangerous or naughty fantasies?” I
inquired.”No way. I would never talk about that stuff. I mean…if he’s doing it
right, then we shouldn’t have to talk about it.”"Do you ever cum?”"It feels nice, if that’s what you mean.”"No silly, an orgasm. You know…knees-shaking, earth-quaking; a wet,
messy, screaming orgasm.”"That happened once…but not with DJ,” Caroline said somewhat
embarrassedly, her eyes pre teen lolitas net
downcast.”Don’t you want that though? I mean, don’t you want sex to be
fulfilling?”"Yes,” she almost yelled. Then looking totally embarrassed again, “No,
not the way it happened. It’s too wrong.”"When, how, who?” I demanded with a grin; feeling like I was her secret
conspirator in the quest for better orgasms.”It was when that girl, Kim, put her mouth on me…down there,” she said
in a very low, whispered voice.”Doesn’t DJ do that to you?”"No, never. He thinks it’s disgusting.”"Don’t you give him blow jobs?”"No way, that’s gross.”"You mean to tell me you’ve never put his dick in your mouth and tasted
his man sauce?”"CeCe, that’s really disgusting. How could you do that?”I was starting to get the distinct impression that my best friend was a
serious prude, and she needed to learn to let go. Otherwise, I could
easily envision her at Betty Ford in her middle-age, babbling about how
she was ignored and took to drink to fill a void in her pathetic life.I glanced at my watch, and made excuses of a prior engagement, and
Caroline willingly let preteen model lolly photos me run.”CeCe, please don’t tell anybody about what I said today,” she begged.”Don’t worry hon, it’s just between us girls,” I knowingly lied.
Chapter 5I told Joey about my conversation with Caroline, and told him my plan to
bring her out of her sexual shell.”Little miss match-maker, you.” He teased.But, when I told him my plans did not include him–at least for the
time-being–he acted like a dejected puppy dog.”Honey, I need to explore this part of me alone, please?”"You want to play with a girl on your own?” he asked.”Yes,” I told him.”But why? I thought we were going to play these games together?”"How `bout if you can watch?”Ever my pervy man, Joey’s eyes lit up at my suggestion. fkk lolita 12 yo Hell, I could
almost hear those perverted little gears churning in his sick, sick,
wonderful mind.”You would…I mean, I can…you’ll let me watch you seduce Caroline?” he
stammered his total joy at me, his equally perverted wife.I just smiled, dropped my robe and said, “Come fuck mamma and make her
happy.”Over the next few weeks, whenever Joey and I made love, we planned our
seduction of my best friend. We knew that her husband, DJ, was scheduled
to go overseas on business later in the month, so naturally that was going
to be the time when my dear man and I would spring our devious little sex
plan. I’m not sure if I was more excited by wanting to taste my best
friend, or that Joey would be watching me do the dirty deed.”I think I really like that you’ll be watching me,” I whispered in my
man’s ear as he was fucking me silly.”Oh fuck CeCe,” he groaned as he shot his load, “oh fuck yeah. God I
can’t believe how lucky I am that you’re my wife.”"Oh yes baby. Yes. Yes.” fkk lolita 12 yo I gave what felt like functionary gasps, as my
mind was swimming with thoughts of eating Caroline’s pussy…and maybe
even a bit, thinking of the “really” big dicks Vicki had mentioned.
—–End Part Two of CeCe the Fun Slut————————–
And who says suburbia is a cultural wasteland.suzy999999yahoo.com
Copyright 2002-2003 Anonymous, Arlington VA USA
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